Quick Facts

Who We Are:

  • The Wild Ramp is a non-profit organization. A volunteer board, composed of fifteen local citizens, works to carry out our mission.
  • The Wild Ramp employs three paid staff members.  Our  Market Manager, and two Associates.
  • Daily operations are carried out by a dedicated group of more than 200 volunteers.
  • The Wild Ramp has more than 225 food producers and artisans.

What We Do:

  • The Wild Ramp provides a space for local food producers and artisans to sell their products.
  • Sales are on a consignment basis and producers set their own prices. 85% of the sale price goes back to producers.
  • The Wild Ramp offers a wide array of educational opportunities including cooking classes, agricultural workshops, and sustainability programs.
  • The Wild Ramp coordinates community events throughout the year to promote relationships between producers and the public.

By the Numbers:

  • June 2016 – $1.1 Million paid to producers since opening of The Wild Ramp
  • July 12, 2012 – opening date
  • $603,942.95 – amount paid to producers from July 2012 through October 2014
  • 250 miles – all producers are located within 250 miles of Huntington
  • 75% – more than 75% of our producers are located within 50 miles of Huntington
  • 2,500 sq. ft. – the area of our new Central City location
  • 500 – the average number of volunteer hours recorded at The Wild Ramp each month

2 Responses to Quick Facts

  1. DANIEL FIGLER says:

    Do you meet with the farmers and place orders for a side of grass feed beef?

    • BethAnn Earl says:

      We can certainly work with our farmers to arrange for large purchases. Please contact the store manager for details. You can reach the manager at 304-523-7267 or by email at market manager@wildramp.org.

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