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BethAnn Earl (President) was born in Columbus, Ohio but raised in Huntington before joining the Navy. After 25 years she returned to Huntington. She learned about the opening of this new market in town and attended an interest meeting in 2012.  Since then she has volunteered in the store, become a farmer, selling her produce exclusively at the Wild Ramp. Thanks to the Wild Ramp’s mission to develop farmers, BethAnn and her husband grew their operation and in April 2015 bought a 108-acre farm in Wheelersburg, Ohio. BethAnn assisted in the establishment of  WV Veterans to Agriculture Program and is currently collaborating on the development of a similar program in Ohio. She is married to her high school sweetheart Scott, and they have 4 children and 2 very spoiled dogs, along with a menagerie of farm animals. BethAnn joined the board in the October 2013.

Lau???????????????????????????????ren Kemp (Vice President) is the Local Food Business Programs Director at Unlimited Future, Inc. Lauren became involved with Wild Ramp as a student and has served on the Board of Directors since 2012. Lauren also coordinates business training for farmers and manages the 30 Mile Meal Huntington Program, which promotes the use of local farm-raised food in restaurants, schools, and other food service operations.

Eileen Wheeldon  (Treasurer)


karen bio picKaren Lucas  (Secretary) is a Huntington native and graduate from Marshall University. Not long after the opening of The Wild Ramp, Karen began volunteering. Her passion for cooking combined with an extensive background in retail sales and degree in Marketing have been put to good use, as she continues to volunteer her services regularly in the market.  Karen currently works at Huntington Physical Therapy as the Office Manager, and through volunteering has gained a deep appreciation for local foods and the farmers who work hard to supply it. Her hobbies include crafting, cooking, and exercise.


Frances Hensley grew up in the coalfields of southern West Virginia and came to Huntington to get her BA and MA. Then went to Ohio State for her PhD and returned to Marshall  to teach history, including women’s history, and then served as Senior Associate VP for Academic Affairs/Dean of Undergraduate Studies. She’s been married 42 years to Steve and has one  daughter  and three precious grandchildren, ages 2-7, who live in Lexington. Long involved with Create Huntington so she  has been very interested in the development of a lively downtown. She thought The Wild Ramp was a terrific addition to the downtown and decided to help out by volunteering there. She has enjoyed the atmosphere and the great people at the Ramp and have become more interested in locally grown food and those who produce it.


Katharine Lea was born in North Carolina and lived in Boston, Virginia, and Tennessee before moving to Huntington in August 2011 due to her husband’s new job at Marshall University.  She is a registered architect and a full-time stay-at-home mom who attended a Local Foods focus group meeting in February 2012 and found herself on the board of The Wild Ramp! Katharine was responsible for the design of the interior of the market, including the cashier stand and new kitchen

Gail Head ShotGail Patton is the Executive Director of Unlimited Future, Inc., a small business incubator in Huntington. She comes from an entrepreneurial family and is passionate about small business. Gail grew up on a farm and loves to eat farm fresh food. Her goal is to make farm fresh food as available to the community as Wendy’s or McDonald’s fast food. Gail and her husband Paul own Top Hat Ballroom where they teach social ballroom dance. They have two grandsons who provide much joy in their lives.

susan bio picSusan Maslowski ’s interest in gardening started in 1975 when she moved from West Virginia’s northernmost town, Chester, to Milton, WV. She is a member of the Putnam Farmers’ Market in Hurricane and The Wild Ramp in Huntington. Susan believes farmers’ markets reflect a region or country’s culture and she has visited many during her travels. She is a member of the West Virginia Farmers’ Market Association where she chairs the Policy Committee. Susan is a professional potter specializing in utilitarian stoneware, which she also sells at PFM and TWR. She has a B.A. in Art, Mathematics and Home Economics from Glenville State College. She also writes a weekly cooking column for The Metro Putnam and Kanawha Valley Neighbors, weekly supplements to The Charleston Gazette. The columns often highlight local seasonal ingredients or producers.

barbara bio picBarbara Morrison is a lifelong resident of the Tri-State area.  She graduated from Marshall University and retired last year after 40 years as a Medical Technologist at Cabell Huntington Hospital.  Barbara has been married to Gary for 36 years and has a number of 4-legged furry children.  She is active as the WV volunteer for Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias and also fosters dogs for One by One Animal Advocates.  She also enjoys reading and eating great food from The Wild Ramp.

Thom Boggs

Jon Tyler Roach

jeannieJeannie Harrison is an urban farmer, marketing consultant, yoga instructor, and the Executive Director of Gro Huntington, a nonprofit urban farm that serves individuals in addiction recovery. She began her career as the Student Coordinator of West Virginia SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions. She earned her M.A. in American Government from Georgetown University in 2014, after graduating from Marshall University with degrees in Political Science and Psychology.

Jeannie balances her time between her consulting firm, Entre Media, where she advises nonprofits and small businesses on marketing and public relations and managing Gro Huntington. She works with clients in Gro’s Beginnings program, connecting them to nature-assisted healing and job skills training, and she teaches a weekly community yoga class, hoping to connect all of Huntington to the healing power of yoga and meditation. She is passionate about Huntington and the local food movement, so she supports the Wild Ramp’s marketing and outreach.

Althea Crawford

Kelly Dail 

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  1. Pamela Scaggs says:

    I am requesting a meeting with a board member. I was a volunteer at the Ramp. I could not make the stakeholders event on Sunday, but wanted to share my ideas. May I schedule such with Beth Ann or Frances or whoever is designated? I appreciate your attention and consideration here! 🍓🍇🌽🍋🍊

    Pamela Scaggs
    Non-Profit Consultant
    White Way of Huntington Family Owner

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