Daily market operations are carried out by a dedicated group of more than 30 regular monthly volunteers, plus a pool of more than 200 intermittent volunteers.

Volunteers at The Wild Ramp have several jobs. Whether it be helping a customer find a specific product or restocking the milk, there is always something to do! We currently have over 170 producers, which allow us to offer a myriad of locally sourced agricultural products. There are several important facts about The Wild Ramp that all customers should be made aware of from the moment they walk through the door:
* All products come from within 250 miles, but many are much closer than that.
* We are staffed predominantly by volunteers; we only have 3 paid staff positions.
* We are a non-profit. We return $0.85 of every dollar back to the producer, we only retain $0.15 to keep the lights on, make necessary building improvements, etc.

More information that a customer may want to know include the following facts:
* All of our meat and eggs are ASH (Antibiotics, Steroids & Hormone) free!
* Almost everything in our market contains at least one local ingredient.

Some volunteer responsibilities include the following:

*Wear a badge and/or apron, so customers can identify you!
*Wash hands before handling produce.
*Greet every customer that walks through the door, tell them about the market!
*Walk throughout the market during your shift, familiarize yourself with the products.
*Make sure customers get the help they need.
*Find out how people found out about the market.
*Complete all items on the daily task list.
*Field phone calls.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by emailing volunteer@wildramp.org


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