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Annette Ericksen, with her husband Barney Sigman, owns and operates Twin Maples Farm. An archaeologist by trade, she infuses her farm blog with a blending of anthropological observation, science and traditional lore. The farm specializes in heritage breeds and direct to consumer sales.

Soliloquy for a Route Salesman……

My father was a route salesman, and for the greater part of my formative years he was a milkman.  He delivered milk door to door for a local dairy, one of many during that time.  These establishments were the result … Continue reading

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“The Goat Ate My Homework” and Other Incidents That Can Only Happen on a Farm

Certainly country life isn’t for everyone. I just heard Garrison Keillor lament that the one thing he liked about the country is that you can go back home to the city. I’ve lived in both places, spent my childhood years … Continue reading

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Summertime @Twin Maples Farm

Once the sun breaks over the eastern ridgeline, the cacophony of a living barnyard begins its hectic and busy day. No sleeping in with roosters crowing, pigs grunting, cows mooing and even the quieter residents (rabbits for example) welcoming the … Continue reading

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