Do you remember?

I want to take you back several months to October 2012.  How do you suppose I should do this?  Via the DeLorean?


Via the time machine from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?


Whatever the mode you choose, I want you to think back to October 2012.  Do you remember the momentum?  Do you remember the anticipation?  Do you remember the excitement?  I do. In October 2012, with the assistance of 173 devoted backers, The Wild Ramp funded its Kickstarter campaign.  You, the community, helped The Wild Ramp meet and exceed its Kickstarter goal.  The $11,763 pledged under the Kickstarter campaign helped The Wild Ramp in so many ways.

To celebrate its One Year Birthday, The Wild Ramp is running a similar campaign.  It’s a gift registry.  And, like the Kickstarter campaign, the birthday registry tells you how your dollars will be spent.  What’s really neat about the registry is that you can actually purchase an item that will be used in the daily operation of The Wild Ramp.  I encourage you to build on the momentum, anticipation, and excitement that the Kickstarter campaign brought to The Wild Ramp.  Here are a couple of items, at varying gift levels, that you will find on the gift registry:

At the $1gift level – Sign Clips
At the $8 gift level – Racheting Tie Down Straps for the Van

At the $10 gift level – OfficeMax Multipurpose Paper


At the $15 gift level – Black rectangle basket


At the $20 gift level – Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches


At the $50 gift level – Folding Table


At the $75 gift level – 5 Tier Freestanding Shelving Unit


At the $90 gift level – 2-Shelf Utility Cart


The Wild Ramp is celebrating its One Year Birthday! You, the community, built this market and through your generous support made our first year very successful. Please help us celebrate the new things to come by continuing your support. We ask for our birthday that you consider looking at our birthday wish list located at, stopping by to make a contribution, or signing up for volunteer hours to help the market’s continued success. Thanks! Let us make this a birthday to remember!

Emily J. Click

Emily is a wife, mother, and attorney living on the banks of the Ohio.

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About Emily J. Click

Emily is a wife, mother, and attorney living on the banks of the Ohio.
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