Let’s Cook Local – Starting with Cake!

Cooking classes are coming soon. Three area chefs, Sharon Pressman,  Susan Robarts, Jessica Long will be bringing you a variety of seasonal and delicious recipes using locally sourced ingredients. Classes begin July 18th and continue through the summer.


The fun begins with Birthday Cake. It is our birthday after all. This event will take place at The Wild Ramp July 13th. It is a throwdown for the best birthday cake among the Let’s Cook Local instructors.  Each instructor will be making a birthday cake for The Wild Ramp that includes mainly local ingredients and represents her personal style. You decide who makes the best birthday cake by voting with your dollars! The winner will be featured on The Wild Ramp Blog and will publish the recipe.

Our first throwdown competitor is Susan Robarts, who is making a Green Tea Ginger Birthday Cake. Susan is interested in promoting wellness through increasing the nutritional benefits in each element of a meal. Her cake will be a refreshing way to say Happy Birthday!

Our second competitor is Jessica Long with a Raspberry Blackout Birthday Cake. Jessica brings a meatless perspective to our Let’s Cook Local team and promotes plant based lifestyles. This  chocolate-raspberry layer cake with a ganache frosting will satisfy your need for decadence on this special day.

Our third competitor is Sharon Pressman, who is  making a Semolina Birthday Cake. Sharon is an experienced home cook and caterer, and will give you insight for cooking for a family or a large crowd. This traditionally Greek cake drenched in honey will surely satisfy your celebratory sweet tooth.

The tasting will be a dollar per serving of cake. You can purchase tickets in advance 1 for $1 and 6 for $5, at The Wild Ramp market. Just mention the birthday cake throwdown to the volunteer at the register and they will provide you tickets.

The first Let’s Cook Local class features Summer Produce. Instructors Jessica Long and Sharon Pressman will be teaming up to bring you a weeks worth of delicious recipes using readily available summer produce from The Wild Ramp.

Jessica sharing a Zucchini Pasta with Cheezy Tomato Basil Cream Sauce. Sharon will be sharing several fresh summer appetizers a parsley salad, blueberry salsa and tomato bruschetta.

The cost is $30 per person, $50 for a couple, Friends of the Market $25. Sign up on the event page or in the market.

Classes will be offered August 1, 15, and 27, September 12 and 24. Watch our events page for details on these upcoming classes.

Celebrate our birthday month by visiting our online gift registry at goo.gl/moHx1. These extra special birthday gifts will help the market stay organized and improve overall operations. All gifts, both small and large, are very much appreciated! Help your community -supported local food market grow.

The Wild Ramp’s mission is to operate a year-round community-supported market that provides a viable economic outlet for local food producers while providing consumers access to locally grown agricultural products. The generosity of our community makes our market a success!  


Stephanie Appleton

Stephanie and her family live in the wooded hills of West Virginia. Their small family farm (Mil-Ton Farms) raises pastured pork and chicken.

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