All of our meats are ASH-free. No antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

Crawford Farm – Pedro, WV
Mil-ton Farms – Ona, WV
Rolling R Farm – Olive Hill, KY

Swann Ridge Bison Farm – East Cabell County, WV

Noni’s Farms – Wheelersburg, OH
Indian Creek Farm – Harrisville, WV
Fuhrmann Orchards – Wheelersburg, OH
Mil-ton Farms – Ona, WV
Sulgrave Farm – Chesapeake, OH

Call Farm – Milton, WV
Tangle Ridge Farm

Crawford Family Farm – Pedro, OH
Mil-ton Farms – Ona, WV

Beeappy Farm – Gay, WV

Safari Meats – Waverly, WV

Koehler’s Heritage Farms – Otway, OH

4 Responses to Meat

  1. Wondering says:

    Do you sell fish? Or is it just not listed here?

    • BethAnn Earl says:

      We do have WV Trout, it is just not listed. The producer sends us fillets, whole, and smoked trout on a non-regular basis. Please feel free to contact the market and get current info on availability.
      Thank you for the question and I will work on updating this page to reflect our Trout producer.

  2. Thomas Wimer says:

    Hey Yall! We were wondering if we could be added to the meat list since we will hopefully be selling our fish on a more regular basis! Thanks a lot!! Thomas and Courtney

    • BethAnn Earl says:

      We will be happy to add you once we have your application and information. Your labels still have not arrived and we haven’t received an application yet either. Please download from our website and either email to or mail it via snail mail.


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