Thank you, Dutch Miller Kia!

You do know that The Wild Ramp is a non-profit, right?  While we want our farmers and food producers to make a fair profit on the products we sell for them, we only keep 10% of their sales, which is not enough to pay our bills.  And we do have bills- rent, electricity, insurance, a fair salary to our market manager- important things like that!

That’s why our corporate partners are so valuable to us.  During our first year, we had three corporate partners step up and pay our rent for a month each- The Red Caboose (which sells beautiful locally made crafts right here in Heritage Station), First Sentry Bank (a hometown bank with no-fee-checking- my husband and I recently moved our accounts to them and have loved their personal service), and Dutch Miller Kia.

Without this generous support from local companies, it would have been a lot harder for The Wild Ramp to keep its doors open, especially through our first winter.

Dutch Miller Kia has been an especially valuable partner to The Wild Ramp.  Owner Chris Miller and his wife Cassie are very interested in healthy food, and after paying our rent for a month, asked what else they could do to help.  Earlier this season, Chris stepped up physically as our first Celebrity Volunteer and bagged groceries and helped restock the store with our other volunteers on a busy Saturday.

Chris Miller - meat


Chris Miller volunteer

But even that wasn’t enough for Dutch Miller Kia- they also offered us a van rental- for $1 a year- after hearing that we were having some distribution issues getting products delivered to the store.  We needed a reliable way to transport tasty products from some of our most popular producers- such as Snowville Creamery, Crumbs Bakery, Shagbark Seed Mill, and Integration Acres – from Ohio to the market.   As Chris put it: “I’m doing what I can; they’re in need of increasing their supply lines, and I thought let’s make this a win-win.”


In return, The Wild Ramp promised to try to get 1000 new “likes” on Dutch Miller Kia’s Facebook page.  We didn’t quite succeed (we needed to get their total “likes” to 1,595 and as of today had only 1,431) but Chris didn’t let that stop him from giving us the keys to the van when the sudden death of one of our producers meant that our food distribution system from Ohio was abruptly ended.

This van, and our wonderful volunteers who make the weekly trek, have allowed us to offer even more of a variety of products from the Athens/ Pomeroy, Ohio region at The Wild Ramp.  Given we have people who come from Charleston weekly for the Snowville Creamery milk alone, we know how much our customers appreciate the generosity of this gift that allows us to offer these products to you!

THANK YOU to Dutch Miller Kia for helping support The Wild Ramp.  We appreciate Dutch Miller Kia giving a van to The Wild Ramp for the children, their health, for the farmers and for our future!  If you haven’t already, please go to  to “like” their Facebook page and let them know how much we appreciate their support!

In addition, if you are interested in volunteering for The Wild Ramp, but can’t volunteer at the store, we are also looking for drivers for the van (primarily Wednesday pick-ups involving some heavy lifting) and people to donate gas cards to help cover the other costs of delivery so we can keep our prices low for you!  Please contact us at to tell us how you’d like to help!

Katharine Lea

Katharine Lea is an architect and local food addict who helped open The Wild Ramp just because she wanted to shop there.

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About Katharine Lea

Katharine Lea is an architect and local food addict who helped open The Wild Ramp just because she wanted to shop there.
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