Seasonal Offerings

The Wild Ramp is a year-round farmer’s market. All of our products are produced within a 250 mile radius of Huntington. More than 75% of our producers are within a 50 mile radius of Huntington. In addition to seasonal offerings The Wild Ramp also offers dairy products, eggs, meet, and packaged products year-round.

Why Choose Local?

Year-Round Offerings

January Produce

February Produce

March Produce

April Produce

May Produce

June Produce

July Produce

August Produce

September Produce

October Produce

November Produce

December Produce

3 Responses to Seasonal Offerings

  1. RHONDA KISER says:

    How much if any of your produce is organic?

    • BethAnn Earl says:

      We have only a few organic certified producers, but many use organic practices. You can ask the staff for help in learning about a farms practice, as we ask each farmer to disclose their farming practices.

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