Chocolate Covered Cherry Gift Box


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No need to stress over the holidays. Each gift box comes with 10 chocolate covered cherries and they make the perfect gift for coworkers, friends, family and even yourself!

Out of stock

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Tibbenham ChocolatesBarboursville, WV

Our secret lies in the ingredients. We have experimented with chocolates from more than thirty manufacturers, cherries from four dozen orchards, and countless brands of creams. The result is an entirely hand-made, non-alcoholic dark chocolate covered cherry second to no other, with the delicate balance of flavors you simply cannot find in machine-produced candies.

Think you know a good chocolate covered cherry? Wait until you’ve had one of ours. With more than two decades of experience as a confectioner and chef, owner Michelle Hill has refined an old family recipe into what most describe as the best chocolate covered cherry they have ever tasted.