Costa Rica Micro, 12oz


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Discover the distinguished taste of our Costa Rica Micro blend that is both savory and fruity. Upon first sip, the tart and winey fruit acidity takes center stage, dancing on your taste buds with its refreshing and invigorating flavor. As the coffee settles on your tongue, a subtle and refined savory taste makes its grand entrance, perfectly complementing the bold fruit notes. And just as thought the flavor experience couldn’t get any better, the comforting and familiar taste of chocolate makes a cameo, bringing the entire taste profile together in one exquisite sip. This coffee is perfect for those who seek a bold and unforgettable blend that satisfies the palate with every sip.

In Stock

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Good Vibes CoffeeHuntington, WV

The Good Vibes family is passionate about roasting and providing you with the best coffee beans from around the world. While we think globally to source our beans, we think locally to give back. 10% of the profit from every bag purchased from Good Vibes is donated to the Facing Hunger Foodbank, serving folks in the heart of Appalachia and located in Huntington, WV.