Dark Chocolate Truffle

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Forget that this flavor is dairy-free and vegan. Jeni designed Dark Chocolate Truffle to be as good as anything else we make—beautiful, dense, ultra creamy, and truly memorable.

We use the same high-quality, Fair Trade, Dutch-processed cocoa powder that we do in our Darkest Chocolate ice cream. You taste the rich, cocoa flavor first, then a subtle hint of coconut creeps up slowly for an extra layer of depth. Dark Chocolate Truffle leaves the mouth pleasantly dry; makes you crave another bite. It’s named for hand-rolled truffles dusted in cocoa powder. Because this ice cream is ethereal and dense, just like a truffle.

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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream – Columbus, OH


Jeni’s is a modern American ice cream company devoted to making the finest ice creams the world has ever known. Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2002 by James Beard Award-winning ice cream maker Jeni Britton, Jeni’s has emerged over the past 20 years as the new standard by which all other ice creams are judged. Today, we continue to make one-of-a-kind flavors with Direct and Fair-Trade ingredients and super fresh milk from family dairy farms. We build ice creams completely from scratch using a unique recipe honed and perfected over more than 20 years by our founder, Jeni Britton. Our ice creams have a uniquely smooth texture and buttercream body, with bright flavor and clean finish. We’re here to set new standards for ice cream classics and to create our own. At Jeni’s, you’ll find flavors inspired by our curiosities—art, history, pop culture, and beyond—that simply don’t exist anywhere else.