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Ground, Whole Bean


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This is delicious with smooth French vanilla added to our freshly roasted decaffeinated coffee. There are different ways to remove caffeine from coffee. We use a water process which does not use chemicals and actually requires twice as much regular coffee to produce one pound of decaf coffee. It is a more costly way to remove caffeine but totally worth it in the quality of decaffeinated coffee you drink each day. Enjoy!

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Silver Bridge CoffeeBidwell, OH

Silver Bridge imports the finest Fair Trade and organic coffee from all over the world. We support women-owned farms and independent coffee growers by only sourcing our coffees in ways that benefit the coffee farmers and their local communities. Before COVID hit, we were able to visit some of our coffee farmers personally and experience their lives and coffee-growing processes first-hand.

Freshness is key to optimal coffee flavor, so Silver Bridge goes from roaster to coffee cup in the shortest amount of time. Handwritten roast dates are on the back of every bag we sell at many of our stores. This is why if you order one of our specialty coffees through our website, it will take a couple days to get to you – we roast small batches to order. But when you receive a bag of expertly roasted Silver Bridge coffee, you’ll understand why that’s the process we’ve chosen. This isn’t your typical coffee.

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Ground, Whole Bean