Frog Ranch Salsa , Mild 16oz


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Frog Ranch Original All-Natural Salsas are a tantalizing combination of the freshest tomatoes, onions, parsley and plenty of Frog Ranch Hungarian and jalapeño peppers. This zesty, uniquely chunky Salsa goes great on eggs, sandwiches and tortillas, and adds excitement to pasta sauces, salads and parties!

All of our salsas are have one thing in common: They have each been awarded a National Championship at the most recognized and prestigious competition of zesty products in the industry, the National Fiery Food Challenge!

Nutritional: Serving Size: 2 Tbsp   Calories: 10 / Sodium 40mg / 0 added sugar / 1 g total sugar / 0 cholesterol / GLUTEN FREE


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Frog Ranch – Millfield Ohio

The name Frog Ranch comes from a time when co-owners Craig Cornett and Kristi Hewitt were sitting on the deck of their newly acquired homestead, an old timber-framed “hippie love-shack” in the middle of 40 acres of woods in Millfield OH. Craig was casually lamenting his bleak financial situation and the house that was in great disrepair – though still a good bargain for two college kids. They sipped a few beers, listening to the spring peepers (small chorus frogs) performing their twilight ritual near the pond on the hill, and Kristi made the observation that at least they had purchased a nice “frog ranch.” They had a good laugh, and the homestead had a name!

That first year, those rather questionable looking pepper plants were so prolific that Craig and Kristi turned to family for assistance. Craig’s grandmother provided an old family recipe that yielded about two hundred quarts of pickled peppers. Friends and neighbors beat a path to their door for samples and word quickly got out about the pungent perfection at the “frog ranch.” One urging led to another, and it was decided that a sincere effort should be made to further the dream.

Over 24 years of hard but rewarding work have passed and Frog Ranch continues to offer a line of wholesome, high quality, great tasting All-Natural Salsas that sell at a rate of one jar per minute in grocery and specialty food stores throughout the country. These efforts have not gone unnoticed; Frog Ranch has received both regional and national media attention, and has won multiple prestigious awards. Frog Ranch’s commitment to meeting the needs of our loyal customers and providing the highest quality products has helped the company become a recognized symbol of quality in specialty food manufacturing.

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