Kenya, 12oz


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Indulge in our Kenya brew that’s simply irresistible. This blend boasts bold flavors of dark chocolate, black currant, grape, and brown sugar that merge together to deliver a rich and tantalizing taste. The deep, rich notes of dark chocolate and sweet brown sugar create a seductive aroma that’s almost hypnotizing. With every sip, the fruity and complex flavors of black currants and grape dance on your tongue, adding a sweet and refreshing balance to the robust chocolate and brown sugar undertones. This is the perfect coffee for those who crave bold and intense flavors, making it the ultimate indulgence for any coffee lover.

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Good Vibes CoffeeHuntington, WV

The Good Vibes family is passionate about roasting and providing you with the best coffee beans from around the world. While we think globally to source our beans, we think locally to give back. 10% of the profit from every bag purchased from Good Vibes is donated to the Facing Hunger Foodbank, serving folks in the heart of Appalachia and located in Huntington, WV.