Organic Black Beans (1lb)



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Ubiquitous in Latin American dishes from Peru to Mexico, to Guatemala to Cuba, the Black Turtle Bean has been cultivated in Central and South America for over 8,000 years! Its dark skin offers antioxidants in greater concentration than any other bean, making it the best bean for burgers, burritos and enchiladas. Just add cumin, chilis, onions and garlic!

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Shagbark Seed & Mill Athens, OH

Shagbark Seed & Mill has been offering Single-Source, Ohio-grown, Certified Organic Heirloom Grain, and Dry Beans since 2010. We are committed to connecting our regions family farms with restaurants, schools, bakeries, and home kitchens. And because we grind to order, we know you will taste the difference!

We are Certified Organic (by OEFFA). Farming under Organic Certification means active crop rotations, no petro-chemicals, no GMO seeds, and agricultural practices that build soil, support healthy ecosystems, and protect water. Our rock-bottom pricing to school and community food access programs make it possible to bring good food to school meals and food pantries.

Strong communities, clean water, healthy soil, good company, and great eating… Join us in the Staple Food Revolution!

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