Pizza Crust Mix


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There is nothing better than homemade pizza and our pizza crust mix makes it so easy! Great for bread sticks too!!

1 package will make a 10-12 inch, thin crust pizza.

To make a thick crust 12-14 inch pizza, use 2 packages and use 1 cup of hot tap water.

Our pizza crust mix will not rise quite like a bread dough, but the longer you let it rise the more flavor the yeast will develop.  I let it rise at home for at least 30 minutes but more like an hour or more.


Some tips to help the dough rise.

Try pouring hot water into a bowl and setting the bowl of dough on top of the water bowl.  This will give the dough a warm environment to help it rise.  Make sure to cover the dough bowl with something.  (towel, plastic wrap, top of pan…etc.)


If you have a proofing cycle on your oven you can put the dough bowl into the oven to rise.  You can set oven low (around 100 degrees) to help the dough along.

In Stock

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