Sweet Italian Sausage

Sweet Italian Sausage Size

0.940 lb, 1.005 lb, 1.015 lb, 1.025 lb, 1.055 lb

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Crawford Family FarmPedro, OH

About Us:
Crawford Family Farm is nestled in the beautiful hills of Lawrence County, Ohio right across the river from Huntington, West Virginia. We have been in operation for over twenty-five years. We pride ourselves in raising grass-fed and non-GMO corn finished Hereford beef cattle and non-GMO corn fed hogs. Our pork and beef are processed locally, in Ona, West Virginia. You may have tried our meat at your local Butter it Up, or at The Wild Ramp, both located in Huntington.

Practice: We practice pasture rotation, which provides our cattle with fresh sustainable forage. Our beef and pork are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free. We grow and harvest our own non- GMO corn which we use for feed. During the Spring and Summer, we harvest our hay from our farm. We don’t use pesticides and have an all-natural hormone free herd. Our farm received the honor of District Conservation Farm, from the local Lawrence County Soil and Water Conservation District a few years back. We are Beef Quality Assurance Certified.


Climate Smart Practices: At Crawford Family Farm we practice many USDA approved guidelines for climate smart practices. We practice cover cropping, and low-till or no-till planting, this provides nutrient management in the soil. We strive to increase on-site carbon storage through forest management. We use natural spring developments for livestock water when possible. We practice climate smart pasture practices, such as prescribed grazing and legume inter-seeding.

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Sweet Italian Sausage Size

0.940 lb, 1.005 lb, 1.015 lb, 1.025 lb, 1.055 lb