White Cheddar Jalapeno Dip Mix


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Fan of the White Cheddar Jalapeño chip? This little bag of deliciousness is right up your alley then. We took the seasoning from that chip and made it work as a dip. The same Kentucky cheddar powder, the same rich buttermilk, the heat of the jalapeño and the background notes of the salsa flavors.

If you ever visit the office there’s a good chance you’ll find a bowl of this demolished on the table.

Mix with 16oz of your favorite sour cream, Greek yogurt or even cream cheese.

In Stock

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Hen of the WoodsCincinnati, OH

Weird name, right? Even weirder when you find out we don’t sell chicken feed, forestry services, or even mushrooms.

So if it’s not a product, or even an ingredient, just what the heck is it?

Hen of the Woods is an attitude — a tireless belief that there has got to be a better way.

It all started with a salad, and three Cincinnati chefs who were absolutely convinced that there had to be a better way to make gluten-free croutons. Countless trials later we found it, and our Red Wine Vinegar potato chips born. That better crouton became a runaway hit, and grew into a complete line of full-flavor, better-than-the-other-guys potato chips that we sold to like-minded food lovers, restaurants and breweries.

Surely, we said to ourselves 20,000 conference calls later, there had to be a better way to share our products with people who would really love them — a way to sell them without selling out. So we built our brand market by market, partnering in each region with grocery stores and food retailers who had tried our products and were as excited about them as we are.

Finally, after long careers in restaurants, we know there has to be a better way for chefs, line cooks and other people who love food to make a living. We started Out of the Woods which is a collection of initiatives and projects where Hen of the Woods partners with leaders and non profit organizations locally, regionally and nationally.

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