Wilted Lettuce Salad Dressing


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Old-Fashioned Wilted Lettuce Salad Dressing is like a time machine in a bottle. It’s packed full of flavors that will remind you of the old-style country salad dressing served at family get togethers and Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house.

But, with one healthy change…

We took the best of Grandma’s recipes and then exchanged the bacon grease for “heart smart” canola oil. The result? You get the same great taste but with only ONE GRAM of fat.

Our Old-Fashioned Wilted Lettuce Salad Dressing can be served hot or cold and complements any garden, pasta, bean, cucumber, or onion salad — or if you are yearning for those days gone by, of course, an Old Fashioned Hot Wilted Lettuce Salad.

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Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods – Spencer, WV


For years, Veronica and her husband, Greg, had enjoyed a Wilted Lettuce Salad Dressing — made in Sandyville by the West Virginia-based company, Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods.

But one trip to get some more of their favorite dressing in 2013 changed everything.
“I went to get a bottle of Wilted Lettuce and the owners said, ‘This is it. This is the last bottle you’re going to get. We’re moving to Florida,’ ” Veronica Stover said. “I texted my husband and said ‘We need to talk tonight.’ ”

That night, Veronica pitched her idea to Greg: She wanted to purchase the company.
Greg agreed, and the rest is now history.

Today, the Stovers own and operate Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods from a 30-by-60-foot facility in their hometown of Spencer.