About Us

Ramp biscuitsWhat is a ramp?

Allium tricoccum known as the ramp or wild leek, is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion.  Ramps are found across North America and hold a special place in the heart of many mountain dwelling folks.

Our mission is to operate a year-round community-supported market that provides a viable economic outlet for local food producers while providing access to locally grown agricultural products.

The Wild Ramp Brochure

How it all Began:

The Wild Ramp began as the Capstone project of three Marshall University students, Christa Galvin, Kelly Cox and Lauren Kemp. Today Lauren is one of our board members. They measured access to local foods in the tri-state area and identified opportunities to increase that access. They joined forces with Unlimited Future Incorporated and Create Huntington to open up a discussion regarding the creation of a local foods market. The first meeting dedicated to the concept of a local foods market was held in January 2012. A core group of citizens quickly came together and some of those citizens visited, Local Roots Market & Cafe, a local foods store located in Wooster, OH. Tri-State Local Foods, a non-profit organization, was formed and the search for a location began.

The entrepreneurial spirit at Heritage Station seemed like a perfect fit for a local foods market. A lease was signed and renovations began. Meanwhile, public calls were put out to local farmers and producers and interest meetings were held. A blog was started to document the process and promote the concept of local foods and seasonal eating. The Wild Ramp opened for business on July 12, 2012. Those first few days The Wild Ramp was an open-air market as we awaited our final renovations and occupancy permits. 

In 2014, we moved to our current location in Old Central City, located on the west end of Huntington, providing much more space and the ability to have a small commercial kitchen.

In 2016 we completed that kitchen and it has been the source of many delicious meals and host to several events. We reached many of our goals in 2016, including publishing our first annual report.

2016 By the Numbers 2016 TWR annual report (1)