Volunteering at The Wild Ramp

As a nonprofit, we rely on our community to keep us sustainable.

On a daily basis, volunteers help with sharing our mission, promoting our producers, greeting customers, bagging purchases, restocking the market floor and assisting with general cleaning/organizing/beautification tasks.

Our volunteers also help with creative projects (such as photography, chalkboard art) and programs/events.

Volunteer commitments can range from a few hours a week to a couple of times a month to once a year. Whatever time you are willing/able to offer, we appreciate you! And, even if you can’t volunteer in person, there are ways in which you can still support our mission.

Share your strengths/interests and availability with us, and we will personally match you with a volunteer opportunity that best suits you.

Ways to Get Involved Beyond In-Person Volunteering

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends what good things The Wild Ramp is doing in your community.
  • Share our posts on social media.
  • Tax deductible donations – Local is Growing
  • Sponsor an event.
  • Attend annual and seasonal events/programs.
  • Volunteer to be a part of our Board of Directors.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates.

Benefits to Volunteering

  • Learn about where your food comes from and why it is important to support the local food system
  • Receive community hours for school and school clubs like National Honor Society (offers a beneficial work experience for students)
  • Opportunity for local business groups, fraternities/sororities, churches, social clubs and others to give back to their community
  • Connect and network with others with a common interest in local food
  • Gives potential producers a first-hand look at how the market operates

Volunteer Application

Interested in volunteering at The Wild Ramp?

Fill out the application below or by clicking the button to submit it online or please bring it to market or email it to wildrampdevelopment@gmail.com

We love our volunteers! Stop in and say hello!


Tenure - 6 years

"When I first retired, I was happy to not wake up to an alarm six days a week, nor did I have to follow a schedule. However, I realized I was missing out on being around people. I found that volunteering at the Wild Ramp filled that void. I have learned alot about the products available at the Wild Ramp and a new appreciation for the people who produce them. Keeping places like the Wild Ramp thriving helps our community to grow and prosper. I am glad to be a part of that effort. I volunteer by stocking the store and helping the customers and keeping the store looking good."


Tenure - 6 years

"I am retired and was looking for something to do with my spare time. The Wild Ramp is an organization that I believe in. The staff and producers are wonderful to work with. I volunteer by restocking shelves, assisting producers when they bring their products in and make sure the store is kept clean."


Tenure - 6 years

"I believe in the mission of the Wild Ramp and want to support local farmers. It is important to foster locally sourced food for the tri state area residents. I do whatever needs done - stock, clean, keep Aaron straight ( as much as possible!) Assist customers when shopping and telling customers about our products."


Tenure: 10 years

"I believe in The Wild Ramp's mission and enjoy being able to inform local customers about the wonderful things for sale at The Wild Ramp. I enjoy giving tours of The Wild Ramp to customers who've never been there before. I also enjoy selling products, my products as well as everybody else's. I try to volunteer at least once a month on a Saturday or a Sunday or when they have a special event and extra volunteers. I usually volunteer for about 3 to 4 hours."