The Harvest Kitchen

Through The Harvest Kitchen program, The Wild Ramp utilizes excess seasonal ingredients from our market producers to create our own branded assortment of prepared food and value-added products — think freezer meals, side dishes, desserts, soups, broths, snacks and baked goods.

Since The Harvest Kitchen began in 2019, The Wild Ramp has used over 1,500 POUNDS of surplus product. It’s a win-win all around: less food is wasted, which benefits both our producers and our market, and our customers are able to try new, convenient recipes on a regular basis.

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In 2021, 800 lbs of rescued produce from local farmers was used by the Harvest Kitchen to manufacture value-added products for the market floor.

Community Education

We understand that cooking takes time and practiced skill. We want our community members to be confident in their ability to cook with local and regional ingredients at home. The Harvest Kitchen will be hosting cooking classes, tasting events, and health education workshops as a way to build that confidence and to enable people to make healthier choices for their families.


Harvest Kitchen Chef

A Huntington native, Jedediah Thornburgh has over 15 years of culinary experience. During high school, Jedediah was a member of the culinary competition team which competed on a national level. He then went to college at the National Institute for Culinary Arts at Mountain State University, where he received his bachelor's degree in culinary arts. Since college, he has remained in Huntington, honing his craft at several different area businesses. Jedediah has developed a fondness for farm to table cooking and enjoys sourcing and utilizing local ingredients. Jedediah is responsible for expanding The Wild Ramp Harvest Kitchen Program by creating value-added products that directly supports local farmers and increases local food consumption. He is also responsible for facilitating regular educational and demonstrational cooking classes that market seasonal, local foods.

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