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Wings, Legs, Thighs, Breasts, Whole


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Use available pack sizes to reach your desired cut weight and our staff will fulfill the order with available pre-packaged product at our storefront. The price will be adjusted to account for final weight before your card is charged.

Willowbrook out of Letart, WV raises free range chickens. They sell their chickens frozen whole or cut at The Ramp in Huntington WV.


  • Wings – $11.20/lb
  • Legs – $7.20/lb
  • Thighs – $6.75/lb
  • Breasts – $12.80/lb
  • Whole – $7.20/lb

To avoid out of stocks we currently only have chicken from one producer and in limited varieties and formats for online orders, if you are looking for different varieties or producers, please visit our store front located on 14th Street West in Huntington. When stock changes in store, producers on our site may change as well.

*Chicken packages average 1lb and whole chickens average 3.5. Price is per average lb. Please refer to above ordering information before ordering

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The Wild Ramp is a non-profit organization that operates a year-round indoor farmers market. We largely operate on a commission model where the farmers still own and stock their products in our store. When shopping local, supply and seasonality can affect what producers, items, and stock of an item are on the shelf on any given day. We do our best to offer necessities for online orders but cannot provide every item online that we have in our store front. Please stop by our storefront on 14th street west in Huntington to see our full array of products from producers located in the tri-state area.

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Weight N/A

Wings, Legs, Thighs, Breasts, Whole

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