We Love our Volunteers!

Volunteer Training
Our Volunteer training day went very well and we have had a lot of positive feedback. We plan on holding another meeting towards the end of the year. We know that things change and review is important to help you do your job. If you have ideas for training topics, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. We have gotten a lot of good information and ideas from our volunteers on things that need attention.

As always, you can reach us at volunteer@wildramp.org.

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Dandelion Festival 2016


dandelion festThis Saturday we’d love to have you join Studio 8 for a full day of events focused on connecting with others, connecting with ourselves, and connecting with nature and the food we eat and supporting The Wild Ramp.

We are honored that Joan St. Clair and the her team have decided to support the Wild Ramp in this way. The money raised will help us obtain a display cooler so that we can better serve our community. We are super excited about this!

The events include an earthing practice, guided hike, herbal tea lecture with Registered Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist Lacy Davidson. There will be music by Keith Artisan, as well as an Ayurvedic and herbal workshop with Pavarti Maureen Heil from Philadelphia. There will also be grounding yoga practice with Sara Limb. And not to worry about the kiddos! There will be concurrent activities for kids.

The evening events consist of cocktails with local kombucha and spirits and all locally-sourced ingredients, a farm to table dinner with short wellness and farming discussions and live music with Mark Smith of Moonshine Crossing. Dinner is followed by a concert with Lobo Marino from Richmond, Virginia. It all takes place on a historic farm in the city limits of Huntington.

This will be a fabulous day of local fun that also helps build your local community! Please contact Studio 8 for details. You can register at www.studio8wv.com.


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