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You can use SNAP/EBT to purchase these boxes. You will not be able to pay for them online, but if you sign up for the free subscription here SNAP/EBT Harvest Boxes (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION) – The Wild Ramp, I will know to make you a box. You can then use your SNAP/EBT card to purchase the box when you pick up either at The Wild Ramp or Gallaher Village Square on Saturdays.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SNAP STRECH: Funding has ended for the foreseen future, and we will announce if funding returns. SNAP/EBT cards can still be used to purchase goods from our farmers market, but fresh produce vouchers will not be handed out. If you have unspent vouchers, they will need to be used BEFORE June 24th, 2024.

Weekly Harvest Boxes with fresh produce from local farmers in the Tri-State Area.

What is in the box, and can I add more?

These Harvest Boxes are produce only with a $20 and $40 option, so they are vegetarian and vegan by default. You can add on additional household essentials week by week from our online shop as needed, just make sure you have your pick up location and date set correctly. Orders are also set to where we need 24 hours in advance to prepare the order. Please note we are a local market that only carries products that are currently produced in a 250 mile radius from our storefront, in season produce, hydroponic produce, and produce that can be grown in our USDA Zone. Some farmers use hydroponics and high/low tunnels to extend their growing seasons, so sometimes you will see out-of season produce due to different farming practices, but rest assured, they are locally produced.

How Does It Work?

The first purchase will cover your box for the first week, after that billing will begin weekly on Monday. Orders will continue to be billed on Mondays and orders will be ready for pick up the following Thursday-Sunday. You can pick up at your leisure from our storefront during business hours, but please note that your order will not be ready until the Thursday following billing and you will be billed again the following Monday. Any orders not picked up before the next billing cycle will be added back to inventory and will not be refunded. Any canceled box must be done through your account page on our website. More information on that below.

Do you Deliver?

We currently do not deliver but will have a drop off point at the Gallaher Village Square (343 Norway Ave, Huntington, WV 25705) every Saturday from 10am-1pm for as long as Harvest Boxes are in season. Boxes can also be picked up at The Wild Ramp Storefront located at (555 14th Street West, Huntington, WV 25704).

Can I Cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Navigate to the Online Shop. Click “My Account” above the shop menu and log in if your information is not already saved. Navigate to the subscriptions section and “Cancel” the subscription from there. Please note that cancelling should not be used to skip weeks. If you cancel by accident, you will have to restart your subscription.

Can I Skip a week?

Yes, Navigate to the Online Shop. Click “My Account” above the shop menu and log in if your information is not already saved. Navigate to the subscriptions section and “Suspend” subscription from there. Please note that suspending your subscription does not fully cancel it, it just puts it on a pause. This way if you go on vacation and don’t need a box, you can suspend it for the following week. Just please be sure to re-activate it afterwards so you don’t miss out on your box.

Can I change Subscriptions? 

Yes, you can log into your account and change subscriptions. Navigate to the Online Shop. Click “My Account” above the shop menu and log in if your information is not already saved. Navigate to the subscriptions section and down the page under products in your subscription description there is a button that says “Upgrade or Downgrade” and from there you can change your subscription type. Please be sure to change it back if you do not need an upgraded or downgraded subscription for extended periods of time.

NOTE: “Cancel”, “Suspend”, and “Upgrade or Downgrade” are all located under the subscriptions tab of your account. They are all big purple buttons that are hard to miss.



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The Wild Ramp is a non-profit organization that operates a year-round indoor farmers market. We operate on a commission model where the farmers still own and stock their products in our store. When shopping local, supply and seasonality can affect what producers, items, and stock of an item are on the shelf on any given day. We do our best to offer necessities for online orders but cannot provide every item online that we have in our store front. Please stop by our storefront on 14th street west in Huntington to see our full array of products from producers located in the tri-state area.

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Harvest Box Size

Small, Large